Roblox – They’re removing so many sounds and sound effects for copyright, making us having to work even more harder to fix our games. First they make it so sounds over 6 seconds can’t play, now we need to replace any of the sounds that got removed for copyright. I have around 10+ sound effects gone from my game 2after I’ve replaced the ones that’s over 6 seconds, now I have to go back to fixing it… this happened on 24 th march 2022

No more boombox music


They function because this update is only removing the music, and most sound effects are not removed anyway. Most games will just not have music.

Those aren’t getting copyrighted they are getting moderated. Roblox probably doesn’t like the loud noise, and thinks they are audio pollution files. Also Roblox moderation has always been broken as heck.

At this point, everyone is overreacting because they (ROBLOX) already said that its only gonna affect music, and its not gonna affect sound effects. I was originally very angry about this update because I didn’t want to lose all sound effects over 6 seconds, but now its only music we are losing. Also, the music is still on roblox and I can still play them. This means you could just download them and reupload, so the people who are complaining after this still try actually looking at the sounds please. All you are losing is music, which you can just download by editing the html. If you need music that you have to replace then just use marketplace audio.


I still believe they could of handled this update a lot better instead of muting 90% of the ROBLOX audios.

STILL PLAYABLE 200+ ROBLOX Music Codes/ID(S) *MARCH 2022* you can play all of these IDs in this game:

Happy–>try to play this Roblox Music IDs in Boombox (Link above)

If you ask me if copyright is the problem. Roblox should have done a content ID system similar to YouTube’s. One that shows you the exact copyright you infringed on. It’s not perfect but it’s better than this mess. They should have given the song publisher or whatever some tool to find and flag their song do some kind of content match and take down if they want.

200M $ lawsuit

There is an actual court website where it shows the legal agreement and the order that the judge handed out to Roblox. Roblox in this case had no choice but to accept this unless they wanted to be in some serious trouble. The stock market isn’t doing great, with 200M $ out of the pocket… Roblox would be in the direction of being bankrupt….