Roblox Music Codes IDs

Roblox gives you the ability to play Music ID Codes on your Boombox which are just a series of numbers. There are thousands of songs to choose from, but there are some that you should be using in your game.

You can buy one of these items in the Catalog, or you can go into a game like Catalog Heaven and play music to your heart’s content.

If you’re reading this, then for sure you’re one of those players than enjoy playing Roblox & listening to music at the same time. well it’s your lucky day haha

Ashnikko – Daisy – 5321298199
Thrax – 6467694533
Justin Bieber – One Dance (Remix) – 427404831
BTS – BAEPSAE – 331083678
Lil Nas X – Industry Baby – 7253841629
Glass Animals – Heat Waves – 6432181830
Juice WRLD – Lucid Dreams – 8036100972

Roblox Music Codes IDs – the best Roblox music IDs / Codes available

If your a music obsessive in need of some new tunes in Robox, we’ve got you covered with our favourite Roblox song IDs compiled into one easy to navigate list

How to use Roblox Song IDs?

It is quite simple. Roblox lets users play in game-music by putting a specific allocated Roblox Song ID, not all the current songs but over 100,000 IDs song in Roblox with plenty of popular songs Available that you can enjoy when playing the game.

In order to play music, you are required to own Boombox or at least you need access to Boombox. Once you have found the world where the boombox is available to you, you will have to buy it from an accessory store, 

Boney M – Rasputin – 5512350519
Cognac Queen – 7015608745
Justin Bieber – One Dance (Remix) – 427404831
Belly Dancer x Temperature – 8055519816
Feliz Navidad – 1241889499
Lady Gaga – Applause – 130964099
BTS – Butter – 6844912719
Billie Eilish – NDA – 7079888477
Amaarae – SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY – 8026236684

We have compiled a list of our favourite Roblox song IDs / Codes for you to sift through and apply to the game you are creating. We have also included some easy to follow instructions to make sure you use the music codes correctly.

Music Codes on Roblox

Music is one of the most important aspects of any video game. So, if you are looking for some new tunes to play in Roblox, then this blog post will help you out! In this post, we will provide you with a list of Roblox music ID codes that you can use in your games.

Green & Purple – 853262940
Nightcore – Light ‘Em Up x Girl On Fire (S/V) – 587156015
How To Save A Life (Bass Boosted) – 727844285
LISA – Money – 7551431783
Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits –7202579511
egg – 5128532009
Caillou Trap Remix – 212675193
Zero two but full song – 5060369688
yo tengo – 1236609502
Invinsible [NCS] – 6104227669

One of the most popular features is Roblox music codes which allow you to change your game’s background music at any time. There are many different genres available, so you will never get bored listening to the same thing over and over again.

Jump In The Crowd – 581856569
Yale – 6138709430
You Got It – 5704204672
It`s snowing – 3638883300
Nevada – 6955635927
Still In To You – 6516258530
Let`s go – 4790348756

Roblox is a fun and safe virtual world where people of all ages can create adventures, play games, role-play with friends, or just hang out. The platform has created an immersive environment that inspires imagination in its players.

Roblox offers great opportunities for developers to share their creativity with the world.

Five Nights At Freddys 2 Song: Survive The – 5047832992
Marshmello – Alone – 413514503
Black Ops – 6126226022
Cognac Queen – 7015608745
BTS – Save Me – 407947764
Doja Cat – Say So – 521116871
Nya! (Arigato) – 6441347468
Anywhere I go – 7156629013
Frank Ocean – Chanel – 1725273277
Brookhaven – 143666548
Between us drip – 6486359635
Dream Speedrun – 6029210056
Frozen – Let It Go – 191509013
Bebe Rexha – Meant To Be – 6309783821
Leviathan – Chug Jug With You – 6503915239
Music Codes on Roblox
Roblox Music Codes
Roblox Music Codes IDs
Waluigi Hallelujah – 2052326384
Old Town Road Remix – 3183318678
Billie Eilish – My Future – 5622020090
Alan W. Sabrina Carpenter – On My Way – 2985525819
Dua Lipa – Levitating – 6606223785
Tesher – Jalebi Baby – 6463211475
Nya! (Arigato) – 6441347468
I’m an Albatraoz (Niklas Edit) – 470274484
Lil Peep – Cry Alone (Rap) – 2506954333
twenty-one pilots – Chlorine – 2675904848
Lil Haiti – Good atmosphere – 463843723
Louis Vuitton – Original – 4935996782
Maroon 5 – Payphone – 131396974
Lady Gaga – applause – 130964099
Justin Bieber – One Dance (Remix) – 427404831

There is a song for everyone to play in Roblox and you should be armed with only the best to showcase your profound love for music. Music ID Codes may be plentiful in Roblox, but not all are created equal in the ears of listeners.

Roblox allows you to harness your creativity in many ways, and players are often looking for fun new ways to make their games stick out among the vast catalogue of amazing tites already out there.

Roblox song IDs, or Roblox music IDs, allow you to add a soundtrack, sound effects, or narration to make your game extra special.

Many fan favourite TikToks also have music IDs, and these are a fun way to connect the two very popular platforms.

The Mop – 4732567019
You Are My High – 7457830418
Sorry about that – 7103204919
somebody told me – 7848398163
Basbousa – 7774714096
Falling – 4693346022
Twice – 7891258998

Roblox Music Codes

Parav Das – Cloud 9 – 6653145668
Clairo – Sofia – 3588291342
Charli XCX – Lock It! – 2783412534
Aurora – Runaway – 48686562243
Nessa Barrett – La Da Die – 6472583544
Tiesto – The Business – 6675515412
Glas Animals – Heat Waves – 6432181830

How To Use Roblox Music Codes

Launch a game that has a gear that can able you to play music. For example, the golden boombox. That’s a gear in Roblox you can buy from the catalog. The gear makes you able to play music.

Once you’re in the game, click on your gear and a GUI will pop up. You would see a music ID already there. So what you want to do is click it and press ctrl-v (cmd-v on Mac) to paste your music ID into the GUI. Then press the Play button.

Roblox Music Codes
Roblox Music Codes

How to use Admin command in Roblox

Now, to play music through an admin command, make sure you are an admin in the game you pick so that you can use commands. I’m pretty sure all the commands are the same, so what you want to type is :music space and ctrl-v (cmd-v on mac) to paste in your music ID.

So for example: “:music 8524601432” to launch NBA YoungBoy – Bring The Hook.

Roblox: Best Boombox Codes 2022 (All Working Music Codes)

So, to help you play the music that you want to listen to, we’ve collected a bunch of working 2022 Boombox Codes on Roblox, with music track IDs that you can use in the games.

  • Havana, Camila Cabello: 2995520239
  • TEAR$, Post Malone: 280239241
  • Passionfruit, Drake: 743024101
  • Stay With Me, Ed Sheeran: 2178675339
  • Memories, Maroon 5: 4511557198
  • Harlem Shake, Baauer: 434795330
  • Alone, Marshmello: 586574953
  • Tear In My Heart, Twenty One Pilots: 509530072
  • The Next Episode, Snoop Dogg ft. Dr Dre: 302594574
  • Loner, Jumex: 2732913854
  • Payphone, Maroon 5: 746443550
  • Otherside, Red Hot Chilli Peppers: 2723639956
  • Dance Monkey, Tones and I: 4532362987
  • Freed from Desire, Drenchill ft. Indiiana: 2985458244
  • Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond: 1092031675
  • We Are the Champions, Queen: 151588995
  • When Im With U, XXXTentacion Ft. Lil Nas X: 3779631598
  • Billionaire, Bruno Mars: 3515967108
  • Human, Bebe Rexha: 798592709
  • Memories, Maroon 5: 4250558781
  • Greedy, Arian Grande : 606444904
  • Same Old Love, Selena Gomez: 3687263716
  • One Kiss, Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa: 2671425290
  • Don’t Start Now By, Dua Lipa: 4755430395
  • Controlla, William Singe X Devvon Terrell: 472071775
  • Fake Love, Drake: 2803594364
  • Count On Christmas, Bebe Rexha: 1564521780
  • Sia, Chandelier (Live): 184920617
  • Ed Sheeran & Sia, Shape of You / The Greatest: 670555027
  • NEFFEX, Destiny: 6199444467
  • SZA, Good Days: 6183143255
  • Doja Cat, Juicy: 6328558465

Bypassed Roblox Music Codes

How To find Bypassed Roblox Music Codes

What are bypassed Roblox Music codes?

Bypass codes are nine-digit passcodes that you can use to complete multi-factor authentication prompts.

What is a bypassed audio in Roblox?

Players can customize their own worlds on the platform. Many illegally upload songs — called “bypassing audio” — and some make intense tracks in a new genre, robloxcore.

What is the most bypassed Roblox ID?

Bypassed IDs are audio files that are able to fly under Roblox’s radar for longer periods of time due to the way in which they were created and uploaded onto to the site.

To put it simply, these IDs don’t appear to be loud when looking at the file’s wavelengths, so Roblox leaves them alone. These IDs aren’t completely undetectable however, they’re still removed quite often, so use them while you can!

  • Anime Music – 803592504
  • Troll Song – 314311828
  • Pumped Up Kicks (Minecraft Parody) – 741123795
  • EDM Bass Boosted – 889397884
  • Myron by Lil Uzi Vert (Boosted) – 7501025082
  • Slob on my Knob (Beat) – 3966799339
  • Roses by Juice WRLD, benny blanco, Brendon Urie – 6811662502
  • Ziptie – 4557013422
  • The Hamster Dance Song – 4556588648
  • John Dee by GHOSTMANE – 4784626001
  • Best Friend by essenceisdead – 4571485882
  • Being in Love With You Seems Like a Really Bad Idea – 4567017168
  • Wings by Shoreline Mafia – 5402503731
  • TSAY by Peso Da Mafia – 4608383688
  • Let’s Bring the House Down – 5101586589
  • Loud Beat – 5599430581
  • Bright Yellow Laser Beams – 4607916837
Loud Bypassed Roblox Music Codes